Chaperhome is a UK company based in London and Chester with the new product WalkSafe which has been praised in leading newspapers and publications for its novel map and commitment to improving female safety and safer walking in towns and cities.

The app that ‘should not have to exist’, WalkSafe, attracts 50,000 downloads within a week

Free app designed to give users access to crime hotspot data sees surge in downloads

  • WalkSafe feature displays crime locations and gives safety alerts when walking or exercising

  • ‘HomeSafe’ feature alerts user’s emergency contacts if they fail to make it home within allocated time

  • ‘TapSafe’ feature notifies contacts when users stop tapping their screen in nervous situations

  • “This app should not have to exist, but if creating it helps just one person avoid a bad situation, it’s worth it,” says co-founder Emma Kay.

March 16th, London, UK — WalkSafe, the newly launched app giving users access to locations of crime hotspots, has today announced that the platform has grown by 50,000 users in just one week. This news follows recent conversations across the country around the issue of women’s safety.

The WalkSafe map pins locations of crime, such as sexual assault, mugging and knife crime, by using police data. 

Commenting on the user growth, co-founder of WalkSafe, Emma Kay, said: “This app should not have to exist, but if creating it helps just one person avoid a bad situation, it’s worth it.

“We have taken great care to develop features within the app that put knowledge and data in the hands of the user. For example, the HomeSafe feature automatically alerts friends or family if loved ones fail to get home on time. It then shows the location of the person so you can check if they are ok.”

WalkSafe is completely free to use, free to download, and has no in-app purchases. 

Key features:

  • WalkSafe Map

    • The WalkSafe map shows reports of crime taken from monthly police reports in the area, including sexual assault, mugging, knife crime, and pickpocketing.

    • The crime icons are designed to help people to see patterns and regular trouble spots.

    • WalkSafe automatically alerts users when near these crime hotspots.

  • HomeSafe

    • The HomeSafe feature allows users to set their estimated time of arrival at home, and will send their location to emergency contacts if users do not complete their journey in time.

    • It’s easy to forget to message people when you’ve made it home safely. But if you fail to get home on time, HomeSafe sends out an automatic alert and location which will immediately let contacts know that users might be in trouble.

  • TapSafe

    • Emergency contacts are immediately notified when users open this feature, and will be sent the user’s location if they stop tapping their phone.

    • The colours on TapSafe will change depending on the time of day, allowing for discreet use.

  • Check In

    • Users can set a reminder for contacts to check in with them at a specific time.

More details on the features can be found here.

About WalkSafe

The WalkSafe map visualises crime reports published monthly by the police. This helps users to see where serious crimes have been committed, to spot patterns and to identify regular trouble spots. We publish key data twice weekly. The WalkSafe app also scans the road ahead, alerting our users when they walk near to areas that have seen reports of knife attacks, sexual assault, mugging and pickpocketing.


WalkSafe provides the information and intuitive features that allow you to regularly check areas of crime, identify trouble spots and take action.

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