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WalkSafe Map

Our map shows police and WalkSafe community reports of dangers such as knife crime, sexual assault & mugging

WalkSafe automatically alerts you when you walk near these dangers

Use this information to plan safer routes and post live updates in your local area. Be a part of the growing community to stay informed and safer

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Feeling scared walking home late at night? Open TapSafe and immediately be connected to loved ones


As soon as you open TapSafe your loved ones are notified. If something goes wrong and you stop tapping your protectors are automatically alerted and shown your location

Tap your way to safety

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HomeSafe automatically alerts loved ones if you fail to get home on time

Leaving a party on your own? Set a specific place and a specific time, and share your plan with loved ones. If you don't successfully complete your journey your loved ones are notified

Protect yourself and protect others with HomeSafe



Use Check-in to schedule a reminder for someone to check you are safe

Check-in allows you to set up an automatic reminder for a specific person to contact you at a specific time. So you and your loved ones know that you are where you should be

Always check in on your loves ones, with Check-in

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Live alerts and updates from TapSafe, HomeSafe, and Check-in all in one location