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Frequently asked questions

What if my phone battery is really low?

If you phone battery is 20% or lower. 'Protectors' are automatically notified so that they know of the low battery and can get in touch sooner.

Will WalkSafe be tracking my location?

WalkSafe does not have live tracking. Locations are only temporarily revealed when (you) the user does not arrive with HomeSafe or times out with TapSafe. This then stops when you cancel or complete either one of these. WalkSafe and Check-in does not have location features. Check out instagram to find out more.

My parents always worry when I am out late at night with friends - will WalkSafe reassure them?

WalkSafe has features like TapSafe and HomeSafe which you can activate to help your parents feel reassured. The features are designed to be ready and waiting so that if your ok, then they will be gently notified. If something were to happen, they are provided with key information to help you.

When I press 'Choose Contacts'  I can't see them or the app crashes

iOS users: If you go to Settings > WalkSafe >Contacts (toggle to on). If this is still not working, delete and reinstall the application and it will allow your phones contact list to be available.

How do I choose my friends and family as protectors?

Its easy. Once you have selected either TapSafe, HomeSafe or Check-in, click the bar at the top under the heading 'Contacts'. If you have their number stored on your phone and they are signed up to WalkSafe, they will appear on the list here. Click that name and press 'Confirm'.

Why do the colours change on TapSafe?

The colours change during the time of day, we will use lighter colours during day time and darker colours during the night time. This is so that your phone does not have a bright screen if you want to use the application at night. If TapSafe times out it will turn Maroon to show you your protectors have been notified.

As a teenager why should I use HomeSafe?

HomeSafe is designed for teenagers. Parents worry when you are out and insist on you being home on time or early. HomeSafe helps you agree a later time to get home on nights out. It reassures your parents so they don't have to wait up until you get back. HomeSafe gives you more freedom but automatically alerts protectors if you need help.

How does WalkSafe help me negotiate a later curfew at the weekend?

With the HomeSafe feature, you can assure parents that they will be notified if something were to happen and they need to help you. Otherwise parents can rest easy knowing HomeSafe is ready and waiting when required.

I am a parent worried if my teenagers get home late at night - will WalkSafe help?

Yes, the HomeSafe feature is designed for this. Teenagers can send you a HomeSafe for the time they expect to get home. If they arrive early, you will receive a silent notification, if not you will get an alarm alert that they have not arrived.

Why is WalkSafe so different and better than sending messages?

Messaging is just when people are OK and remember to text rather than an automatic alert that there might be a problem. This way if you forget or something were to happen, WalkSafe will be ready to alert and automatically sends messages to protectors that you need their help. WalkSafe constantly scans the road ahead of you to warn you of danger spots

Will HomeSafe automatically send me a message tell me my partner has arrived on time?

Yes, HomeSafe will let you know whether they have reached their required destination and on time. If not, you will be notified to help where required.

How accurate is WalkSafe with chosen location points?

WalkSafe is integrated with maps and uses its location services. Accuracy will depending on your signal strength, and how precise you are with your location points.

Are there any videos explaining how WalkSafe works?

Yes, see our instagram page for all the features and how to use them. https://www.instagram.com/walksafe.io/

I am a young single worker in the city, is WalkSafe useful for me?

Even tried and trusted routes home have danger spots. Check out your routes to work and bars. Walksafe refreshes every week with new data so you can see where the danger zones keep appearing. It alerts you if you walk into these zones. For an added layer of security, we have three features to help alerts friends and protectors.

I am a student in a new city, which features of WalkSafe should I use?

As soon as you download the WalkSafe app, it constantly scans the road ahead of you to warn you of danger spots. WalkSafe helps you plan a safer route to your destination. Check your route home on the WalkSafe app to see the knife crime, mugging and sexual assault hot spots.

What use is old data is doesn’t tell you where the next safety incident will be?

The key recommendation from police and experts is Staying Alert. WalkSafe renews data every week. It helps remind you even on your trusted route home there are danger spots. The WalkSafe map shows patterns where incidents happen regularly and this helps you plan safer routes. As you walk the app constantly scans the road ahead using police data and reports from the WalkSafe community. The notifications remind you to stay alert as you are approaching a danger spot where there has been recent incidents such as sexual assault, mugging or knife crime. The key to WalkSafe is - Stay alert, stay safer keep looking for the danger spots as you walk home.

Sadly, Safety can’t be guaranteed. But by downloading the WalkSafe app you are taking control, investing in your safety and staying away from danger. Stay alert, stay safe, trust WalkSafe.

What if I post an icon on the map by mistake and want to remove it?

Deleting the post is very simple. Just click the flag in the dialogue box and the icon is deleted in a few minutes. You may have to close and reopen the WalkSafe app to see the deletion.

And if you can’t find the flag don’t worry - the icon will be deleted after 6 hours if there are no other confirmations to validate the post.

Is all the data on the map verified?

For knife crime, assaults, sexual assault and muggings we use ONLY police crime data which is published each month. This means the data is accurate and verified.

The WalkSafe community can post other icons like “no streetlights” or “feels unsafe”. These are deleted after 6 hours unless there are multiple confirmations.

What do I do if the app tells me my phone number is already in use?

Contact us at support@walksafe.io with your email and phone number and we will help you sort out your account.

How do I signup and create an account?

When you have downloaded WalkSafe try to activate TapSafe, HomeSafe or Check-in. This will prompt you to create an account.

Why can’t I access / see my contacts?

There are a few things to try here: 1. Only signed up WalkSafe users can see other WalkSafe users, so make sure everyone has creatd an account 2. In your phone settings find WalkSafe and make sure Contacts is set to 'Allow' 3. If still the problem persists contact support@walksafe.io

When is WalkSafe rolling out to other countries?

Currently WalkSafe is only available in the UK, but we are working hard to bring WalkSafe to other countries soon. Join our Insta and Twitter feeds to keep up to date.

Why do the map icons change every 3 days?

That’s right. We can’t show all the police data at once as the map would be too cluttered to read. Instead, our algorithm cycles through the most recent month of police data, refreshing the map twice per week. This makes the data easier to read. It also allows our users to build a detailed understanding of crime patterns in their local area and on their regular routes. Using this knowledge, users can plan safer routes that avoid trouble hotspots.

If everyone is posting how do I know the map data is correct?

For knife crime, assaults, sexual assault and muggings we use ONLY police crime data which is published each month. This means the data is accurate and verified.

The WalkSafe community can post other icons like “no streetlights” or “feels unsafe”. These are deleted after 6 hours unless there are multiple confirmations.

Why can’t I post some of the icons on the map?

These are the police data icons and are reserved for posting police data that is accurate and verified. A new version making this clearer will be released soon.

Please confirm you do not share my data and address?

We do not have your address on our system and we NEVER share data with anyone. You can view our privacy policy on the WalkSafe app and on our website.

Do you use Google maps in your app?

Yes the Android WalkSafe app uses the Google map system. We use Apple Maps for the iOS WalkSafe app.

Why is the map so valuable?

The WalkSafe map has accurate and verified police data posted as icons every 3 days from monthly police reports. You should use the map regularly to look for patterns of repeated crime hotspots in your local area. Use this knowledge to plan safer routes.

My alert only seems to be active for the first icon for each journey I make

The app will ALERT you when you are within 200 meters of a police icon. When we tested the app users told us they did not want repeated alerts for every icon. This explains why you get a notification, which prompts you to look at your map to see all the other crime icons.

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