At WalkSafe we value safety

We all value our safety, but danger is a fact of life


Even when walking we make bad decisions because we don’t know where the dangers lie. We increasingly worry about mugging, violence and knife crime


These dangers are numerous, hidden, changing and unknown - it’s impossible to know them all, all the time


The WalkSafe Map - check regularly to protect yourself and protect others

We recommend checking the WalkSafe map regularly, using the knowledge we provide to help plan safer routes. 

The WalkSafe map visualises serious crime reports as icons. We use verified police data published each month by Police.UK. We can’t show all the police data at once as the map would be too cluttered to read. Instead, our algorithm cycles through the most recent month of police data, refreshing the map twice per week. 

This makes the data easier to read. It also allows our users to build a detailed understanding of crime patterns in their local area and on their regular routes. Using this knowledge, users can plan safer routes that avoid trouble hotspots. 

The WalkSafe app also scans the road ahead when our users are out and about. Users get alerts when they walk near areas that have seen reports of serious crime such as knife attacks, sexual assault, mugging and pickpocketing. 

No one can predict where the next crime will be. However, we believe being informed and staying alert is the key to staying safer.

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Stay alert and stay safer, with WalkSafe

Sadly, safety can’t be guaranteed


But by downloading the WalkSafe app you are taking control, investing in your safety and the safety of your loved ones


Stay alert and stay safer with WalkSafe

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